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Dora Mojzes first  broke the surface in 2008 with her graduation work for Moholy Nagy University of Art and Design, Hungary, when she earned the prize of the Hungarian Artists’ National Association.

In 2009 she launched her individual brand named Dora Mojzes and soon the first collection drew great attention, on both domestic and international markets,  not only with its gripping inspiration but also with her re-considered idea of the ‘woman’.

Her aim is to create garments reflecting the style, the emotions and the attitude of the individual.

Dora considers her garments the tool of artistic self-expression. In all of her plans feminity is focused. ”I am a true born Alien fan, the sci-fi and futuristic things always affected me. Most of the time i have rock music playing in the background and I have found that has a huge influence on my work and the garments I create. Creating a vision that encapsulates the music, the science fiction literature and my garments is my ultimate manifesto.”

It was a decisive and motivating turning-point when the internationally reputed topmodel Tyra Banks was wearing her design at a shooting, and not so long later Kanye West blogged about her in high terms.

Since always looking for new challenges, the cooperation with Mark Viszlay brought them second prize on the 2010 Fashion Video Festival. Further on she won both 2011 and 2012 Fashion Awards as ‘Designer of the Year’ and in 2011 she also won Glamour mazaine’s award – Women of the year. Dora Mojzes was granted a page in even three international fashion books, New on the Catwalk and Fast Forward Fashion and Rock star chic the latter framing her name  amongst those imposing ones of Vivien Westwood or Viktor and Rolf.